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I completed this work.
I appreciate everyone who was supported.
I sent this work to the 56th Niki Exhibition.
I am putting gauze.
I paint RawUmber thinly, and wipe it out.
I dry it with the drier, and I am making a crack.

I decided to draw two kinds of flowers.
I made two panels combine.
I think that it is short of something yet in this picture.
I do somehow in one more week.
I am painting Permanent light Violet to the left part.

I am painting Row Umber thinly.
Back ground music;John Lennon & Yoko Ono / Wedding Album. : VACK-1127.
This is the avant-garde work of JHON. I listened to this album, and remembered a tragedy.
I am drawing a part of hand now.
I begin to draw it with a large writing brush.
I painted the whole.
Back ground music;John Lennon & Yoko Ono / Unfinished Music No.1. Two Virgins. : VACK-1125.
This was the experimental album of John and Yoko.
Draw an outside frame like concrete.
Concrete building of Mr. Tadao Ando is famous.
Do you know how many holes there are in his concrete panel?
An answer is written in "BRUTUS Casa" September issue.
Draw a Dakota apartment and a hand with the double image.

Back ground music;John Lennon & Yoko Ono / MILK AND HONY : TOCP-65535
I created a hard board with the hole. Size: 194cm×162cm
(A center isn't concerned. )
I want complete this picture by October 1.

I painted Gesso to the hard board. Size: 145cm ×145cm

I paint Gesso, and I am polishing it after that.
Back ground music RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS / BY THE WAY : WPCR-11300.

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