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I completed this picture.
Thank you for seeing it for a long time.

Back ground musicGlenn Gould "Bach Collection 4" French Suites/ English suites/ CSCR 8484‾7
I am cutting a gold leaf with the scissors.
I dry it with the drier.
Paint it again.
Wipe it out with the towel.
Paint it black.
Scatter these colors with the big brush.
Paint Raw Umber.
I painted Yellow medium azo thinly to the part of ○.
I must finish this picture within one week.
Because I hurried, I couldn't do enough explanation. I am very sorry.

Back ground musicGlenn Gould "Bach Collection 1/ Goldberg Variations/ Inventions/ partitas" CSCR 8472
Scatter these colors quickly with the brush.
Leave ○, and tear off a tape.
Paint Brilliant blue purple thinly on that.
Pull out ○ in the center.
I am cutting masking tape roundly.
It is a little different with the gold leaf and the sunago.
Before drying, you put paper.

Sow the SUNAGO.
SUNAGO is the meaning of the gold powder.
Put gold leaf in the bamboo pipe. Wire netting is drawn in this bamboo pipe. Paint Gel Medium to a part to sow the Sunago.
I stir gold leaf in the bamboo pipe with a writing brush.
I am drawing a part of a flower. Use of a Makie paintbrush.
Hatching a thin line many times, and I am drawing it.
Back ground musicPaul Simon "You're The One" WPCR-10809
I received the watch of this CD jacket from Warner Music Japan. It is lucky!
The white color of the ground work was shown.
If there are picture to draw in the picture with the sensitivity, and picture to draw with the reason. I will have to draw this picture with the reason.

I am eraseing the center of the picture with the eraser.
I mixed Pure Red with Red Oxide, and painted it to the left part.
I painted Red Oxide to the right part.
Back ground music:"Masashi Sada Sings Songs & Nursery Rhymes " TECN-38648
I sometimes want to listen to the Japanese children's songs and nursery rhymes .
I painted the part which copied it.
Put the paper on the picture, and copy it.
I traced the rough sketch of the sketchbook.
Because, it is difficult to sketch it after gold lafe is put.

I printed with Titanium White.
I made this image in the left-right reverse.
Back ground musicDAFUT PUNK "DISCOVERY" vjcp-98283
This song reminds me of" KLF". Where have they gone?
Mr. Reiji Matsumoto designed this CD.
You can access DAFT CLOV by the card of this CD.

I tried print gocco again.
I made two sheets of editions by print gocco.
I used photoshop for this image.

I washed it away with the water.
I couldn't use print gocco this time.

Back ground music:"Paul Simon 1964/1993 " (wpcp-5641‾3)

-Many's the time I've been mistaken. And many times ....-
by Paul Simon

It was like this.
But, I don't like it very much.
I printed it again with Ultramarine blue.
I scratched it with the towel.

Back ground musicEric Clapton "Reptile" (WPCR-11100)
He says. "Dedicate this work to uncle."
The photograph of this cover is wonderful, too.
I printed an alphabet character, too.
I printed the print processed with Photoshop.
I made a Print by PRINT GOCCO.
PRINT GOCCO is a making print machine.
It is being rob out with an eraser.
I am drawing it by using SUMISASHI.
SUMISASHI is the tool which a Japanese carpenter uses.
When this is used, you can draw a straight line.

I scattered the color with another brush.
It is to remove the touch of the writing brush.
Back ground music:KITARO "NILE" (BVCP29027)

I painted Raw Siena on the gold leaf.
I completed masking it, and painted mix Gesso with the Hanagofun powder.
I make a feeling that a wall came off.

I painted Gel Medium.
It is to protect the gold leaf.
The work of polishing a gold leaf is completion.

Back ground music"BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB" (NONESUCH79478-2)
Ry Cooder made this CD with the great Cuban musicians. The movie of this CD is televised tonight with TV "WOWOW, Pm 9:45".
A color appears from under the gold leaf.
Let's warn that you polish it too much when you use the pad of the fiber.
This is the work of polishing a gold leaf.
Use the pad of the fiber for this.
It can be polished easily.
Wipe it with the wet cloth after you dry it fully.
I finished the work of putting a gold leaf.
Put it up, and wait for dryness.

Back ground music :George Harrison "All Things Must Pass"
It's been thirty years since 'All Things Must Pass' was recorded,,,,,,,Oh My Sweet Lord.
Scratch a gold leaf with the brush.
Put a gold leaf on stencil paper.
Decide the place to put a gold leaf.
Paint it to the part.
Dissolve Gel Medium with the water.

I tore off masking

Back ground music : GREGORIAN 'Masters Of Chant' 0114042ERE

I am painting this paste.

I add Gel Medium and Modeling Paste to Mix Gesso with the Hanagofun powder.

I am painting mix Gesso with the Hanagofun powder.

I completed masking.

Back ground music : Yasuyo Yamaki "Sizukani mizuno nagarega kishi wo kezuru" VRCH 5006
Produced by Yasuyo Yamaki.
Sound Produced & All Arranged by Takahiko Ishikawa.

After masking, I painted Gel medium.
I cut masking tape with the cutter.
I am painting ivory black to the part of the cloth.

I painted it further.
(Permanent light blue+ Permanent sap green+ light green oxide.)

I painted acrylic bronze color only in the part of Modeling paste.
I protected the part of the cloth with Mate Varnish.

Back ground music : JEFF BECK "Who Else!" [ESCA 7437]     
I spread the paste which Modeling Paste, Gel medium, Sell Matiere mixed with.
It colored with Yellow Ochre of Color Gesso.
I complete covering work.
I put the cloth of the Japanese kimono in a part of the panel.
I am putting a covering tape.
I use the thin covering tape of 6mm for the part of the curve.
I painted it with Black Gesso. Then, I was sketched with Charcoal White.

I made the panel to draw a picture.
The size of this panel is 72cm ×91cm.

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