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A finished product.
Thank you for seeing my studio show for a long time.
Enthe usoco art museum "ACROSS THE UNIVERSE".
Can you see this painting at "GALLERY" too.
image ws99-17 April.4.1999.  
This silver leaf heve turned brak.
Put sulfur on the silver Leaf in the thickness of about 2mm.
Let about two days rest just like this.
Sulfuration silver occurs when sulfur combines with the silver.
Sulfuration silver is black.

3 /28
I painted blue thinly to the whole, and I pushed silver foil.

I took in the background of the picture with photoshop.
It disposed of it with the filter.
It is the part of the right spiral.
I put out the background of the picture.
I drew the stripe of light blue.
I am drawing the part of the face of the picture.
I am
hatching with little MAKIE paintbrush.
I drew a motif roughly.
I am thinking about a balance of the picture.
I painted black, and wiped it out. (Use of Ivory Black).
I paint cobalt blue thinly to the picture. (Use of Acrylic COBALT BLUE).
I completed ground work treatment.
I apply material to the picture.
I am putting gauze. (use of GEL MEDIUM).
I painted Gesso to the panel. (use of BLACK GESSO).
1999/ 1/15 
I glue a board to the frame with the bond.
1999/ 1/15 
I prepared for a tree frame, a board, and a bond.

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