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Workshop updated.
Link updated.

The work to make a rough sketch by the tableau.
I added the site of the fine arts publishing company in the link corner.


Workshop updated.

I dye paper with tea, and make a work.
There was a big earthquake in Kyushu area.I am worried.


Workshop updated.

Link updated.

It is the work to dye it with tea.
I added an artist, navigation site in the link corner.


Workshop updated.
Public production is the work to put Watson paper on the hard board.
Did you see a television program on February 28?
My studio which covering was taken in last autumn from was broadcast.

Workshop updated.  
This workshop is the work to dye paper with tea.

Mr.NATUSAKA came from France to my studio today. He was awarded an excellent prize at the media art festival of the Agency for cultural affairs this time.
Details and his homepage are these.

Information Updated.

I took covering of the television station in autumn last year.
That program is broadcast on February 28.
On February 28, /p.m.2 - p.m.3 o'clock, /Sendai broadcasting television

Workshop updated. 

I completed the work of this workshop.
That is the picture of Kingprotea.
I send this picture to the picture contest in April.
Workshop updated.   

The rest of workshop is one week.
Workshop updated. 

I must complete this work in two weeks.



This time is the work of the F No.100 size.



The weather could have been better.Snow accumulated here 50cm, too.
A television reported that it very snowed even in New York.
Is it snowing at the time of everyone now?
I begin Workshop this year, too.This time is hard board-making.


Information Updated.

This is the first exhibition for me this year.(details, with information.)



I didn't renew a site for a while.I am sorry.
For you, so that 2005 years may be the best year.
The ceiling painting of the JYUNNIN-JI temple which has been drawn since last year was completed.



At long last, December.
I am producing the ceiling painting of the temple now.


Link updated:


I was added in the link at yumeda's site.

The ceiling painting of the temple JUN-NIN-JI.


Workshop updated.


The surrealism work exhibition of Mr. Teruo Miyagi is held in the central center of Marumori-cho.
From November 16, 2004, until the 21st.

I completed one sheet of the ceiling paintings of the JUN-NIN-JI temple.
As for the details: Workshop.

Link updated:

November 3 is called with Culture Day in Japan.

I linked BirchamGallery of the UK.

The Internet of six colors exhibition will begin in Tokyo soon.