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phot Whenever I draw a painting.
 One Sunday in May, it was" Bird Week", I made three bird boxes with my children and we hung them on the trees near my house.  
Around my house, I easily hear the twitter of birds all the time. I've recently been addicted to "St. GIGA", which is a satellite digital broadcast, so I can listen to only the sound of the natural world on music without DJ all day log. I can't recognize whether it is "St. GIGA" or outside sound while I am drawing in my room in off- day.
Whenever I draw a painting , I listen to the sound of music. It inspires me to make most of my paintings such as "Lennon Requiem " , "Time is like a Score" , "A Portrait of a Great Composer ".
Needless to say, the painting "Lennon Requiem" is inspired by " IMAGINE" by John Lennon. In all cases, I can't draw a painting without music. In other words, music makes me steeped in the mood to draw. It is as if the sound reaching my ears purified my vulgar brain cells and worked the muscles of my hands to make me draw a picture.
I can't imagine to draw without listening to music.
The other day, I saw a great tit making its appearance from one of the boxes.   
However, I've never seen it since then.

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