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Mitsuro Sato
Born on the 1st October 1953 in Miyagi JAPAN.

Belong To
A Committee of Miyagi Art Society Corporation.
A Member of NIKI-KAI Corporation.
A Member of SHINGEN Fine Art Society.
A Member of Japan Artist association. 

A Prize History
2017-The 71th NIKI EXHIBITION/ Membership award.
-The 27th IZUBI / Fine work prize.
   The fourth biennale USHIKU exhibition / Grand prize.
   Miyagi art selection winning a prize
   The 65th NIKI EXHIBITION/ Member recommendation.
2010- 64th NIKI Exhibition / DOUJIN Prize.
    60th SHINGEN Exhibition / Menber Prize.
2009- 59th SHINGEN Exhibition / Menber Prize.
2001- The 11th Annual Exhibition of the Grand Prix Flower Arts.
     I'm nominee NIKIKAI menber.
2000- Art Full Matsushima National Art Contest/Fine Work Prize. 
1999- Kahoku Art Exhibition/Miyagi Educational Board prize.
1998- Kahoku Art Exhibition/Fukishima Governor Prize.    
    Art Full Matsushima National Art Contest/Superior Prize.
1997- Morikazu Kumagai Grand Prize Exhibition/Fine Work Prize.
1996- Kahoku Art Exhibition/Miyagi Art Society Prize.
1995-Miyagi Art Festival/First Prize.   
    A Prize Winner's of Miyagi Fine Art Exhibition/Newcomer Prize.
1994- Kahoku Art Exhibition/Touhoku Electric power Company Prize.
    Miyagi Art Festival/First Prize.    
    Shingenkai Art Exhibition/Member Prize.
    Niki Exhibition/Encourage Prize.
1993- Kahoku Art Exhibition/Miyagi Educational Board prize.
    Shingenkai Art Exhibition/Member prize.
    Miyagi Art Festival/Kahoku Prize.
1990- HOUND DOG ART Contest/Silver prize.
1986- LUMINE T-shirt Design Contest/LUMINE Prize.
1985- Kahoku Art Exhibition/M Prize.  

1983- Kadokawa Bunko Book Jacket Contest/a Prize.

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